Thinking of getting a dog?


So you are thinking of adding a furry ball of love into your family? For most couples, this is a brilliant way to test whether you’re ready to start a family. Some couple’s don’t want to have children but want to have a pack of dogs. Some want a dog for company or for their children to play with. Whatever your reason for wanting a dog – do your research first on what is required as it’s not just buy it, take it home and it does what you want. No no no. I laugh so hard at typing that.

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I’m blogging for me

Hey up my gorgeous readers. Today is more of a personal post which has been affecting me for a little while but i’m sure will have impacted so many other fellow bloggers before. So i thought, why not post about it as that is the point in your blog duhh. Ok so i wanted to discuss the dreaded blogging rut. You know the one i mean. You’re losing confidence in what you do, you compare your journey to others quite often, your content is not as good as Joe Bloggs, you’re running out of ideas of what to post, people don’t want to read that etc etc. The ongoing list of emotions and feelings go on. Continue reading

Regrowing your eyebrows


It’s Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Whilst i start writing this admittedly on a Saturday evening, well 00:11 so i guess Sunday morning. My feet are up, i have a cozy dark green cardigan on, its new so still has that new smell to it, and i’m fighting against my heavy tired eyes. I will go to bed soon, i know i won’t but, the commitment to wanting to is there.
I thought a post that i do need to share with you ladies is this one. It’s a beauty find that’s personally made a massive impact on a certain very important feature of one’s face – brows. Yes, the eye brows. Don’t we all long now for that perfect thick, well groomed, perfectly arched pair? We all went through the 90’s. Most of us over plucked our brows like there was no tomorrow. Inspecting that shit real close in the mirror with a light and magnifying glass making sure you get out every single one of those spiky little fuckers. Well if like me you excessively plucked and are now struggling to re grow your brows back – i got you boo boo.
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Let the negative shit and people go

There are some people who always seem angry, and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.

How I love this quote. Personally, I’m pretty happy with my life. Sure, there is always something in life we can moan about, want, need, wish we had or did, but if I’m honest, I’m happy. So, does that mean I feel I can bring myself to be negative towards other people, especially ones i don’t really know very well? Perhaps troll someone online and criticise them publicly? Involve myself in talks about people I don’t even know? I’m afraid not. Gosh the thought of being so obvious with unhappiness or bitterness terrifies me. I’d have to be really frigging insecure to feel the need to be so negative towards someone I probably don’t even know that well. Continue reading

Affordable daily skin products

The weather is changing yet again in the UK, oh the forever changing weather cycle we are blessed with. I find areas of my skin dry in places i never suffered from before. I know as we age things aren’t always as resilient as they used to be so i like to take care of my skin now whilst i’m still young. These are 4 products that i use daily and since using daily have noticed a dramatic effect to my skin and how it feels and looks. Continue reading

Lace purchase | Noobi

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And so the lace addiction continues. Saturday morning was greeted with a delivery from the postman. It was my new gorgeous lace bra from a brand called Noobi. I took the parcel with speed, ran up the stairs, plonked the kettle on and ripped open my parcel as if it were a Xmas present. Gifts to yourself are always the best gifts. Kettle is now done. Brew. Sips coffee….. Continue reading

Things you can do when you’re having a shit day.

Photo 26-11-2015, 18 12 05

Aren’t they just the worst? Nothing makes me more annoyed then those days when you wake up and feel like poo.
Your alarm goes off and instantly it annoys you, no one wants to get up anyway but today, it really annoys you. You lean over and switch it off but in the process drop your phone into your glass of water on the side. The dog is now barking and the boyfriend is huffing and turning. You proceed to drag your sorry little ass out of bed into the bathroom. The light won’t work and its still dark in the mornings. After the struggle of finding the loo roll and making sure it ends up in the toilet you then make your quiet journey from the deep cave of the bathroom through to the kitchen. Coffee. Needed. Now. Draining board is filled up with shit so you start to put everything away. 4 smashed mugs later and a chipped plate you are now telling yourself to ‘Woooosaaaaa’ before you take the next mug and launch it out the window. Too late, you’ve now tripped over the dog bowl and water is everywhere.
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What I’m leaving behind in 2015 | Health wise issues

Photo 03-01-2016, 10 36 05

I know I know, another New Years post. However I’m not going to list off all the things I want to accomplish and do this year.

For me, 2015, was quite the battle. I came face to face with a lot of my demons and met a few I didn’t even know I had accrued a long the way. This is more of a ‘what I won’t be doing in 2016’ kinda thing. So what am I leaving behind in 2015? Continue reading